BENISI kicked-off on October 15th!

Benisi lauch event

BENISI kicked-off on October 15th!

Vienna, October 15th. The Austrian Museum of Applied Arts and Contemporary Art (MAK) welcomed more than 300 people from all over Europe to participate in the official launch of BENISI ! It was a huge success.

As Max Bulakovskiy, the BENISI project coordinator said at the meeting: “We are just at the beginning of a very exciting process to help and learn from scaling the targeted 300 initiatives, building knowledge that can be used by many other social innovations to grow and scale up faster and better!”

The first SIAN meeting also took place at the MAK, on october 14th: Over 40 organisations have expressed their interest to act as ambassadors for BENISI and the first meeting took place prior to the formal launch of BENISI. This year special invitees included Allyson Hewitt, from MaRS (Canada), Kuba Wygnanski from Shipyard (Poland), Kurt Peleman from EVPA (Belgium) as well as many others.

You will find some pictures of the event on our facebook page