Newsletter 1

The BENISI newsletter intends to bring each two months to stakeholders and professionals in social innovation feedback on the implementation of the BENISI project and food for thought regarding a wider take up of social innovation in Europe. The BENISI project, supported by 13 partners located in 7 countries, aims at identifying and supporting the scaling up of 300 promising social innovations, initiated by social entrepreneurs and even by the public sector. The final goal of the project is to create all over Europe a network/infrastructure of “incubators” in order to easily scale up social innovation projects.

By the end of September 2014, 202 innovative projects and ideas were identified. 174 of them are in a scaling trajectory in BENISI. Check the cases on the BENISI website.

In order to support project owners to speed up their scaling up trajectory, BENISI mobilises a network of experts and active organisations in order to bring them knowledge and advice on how to access finance, skills and connections. This network is known as the SIAN, which stands for Social Innovation Accelerators Network. Organisations willing to become a SIAN member can still join the network. The win-win deal of involvement of experts in this network is for them to access a selection of qualitative social innovation projects across Europe and for innovators to get support from knowledgeable experts in any field related to the start-up of their venture or its development. We do hope that our readers will enjoy this newsletter and will join our community of people actively promoting a new mindset regarding entrepreneurship and social/societal behaviour in favour of European citizens.

The BENISI project is supported by the European Commission in the framework of the FP7 Research and Innovation Programme.