“Environmental Management Programme in the Vienna City Administration (PUMA)”

“Environmental Management Programme in the Vienna City Administration (PUMA)”
The programme aims for the City of Vienna to be even more environmentally friendly in the fields of energy consumption, waste management, procurement and other.
Social Purpose: 
The PUMA programme aims at taking an integrated approach to and continually improving environmental protection within the entire City Administration of the City of Vienna, particularly in the fields of integrated building management, energy management, waste management, environmentally-friendly procurement and mobility, taking account of cost/benefit relations. In doing so, the programme is not limited to individual environmental protection measures, but pursues a systematic, planned and well-targeted approach. A multi-annual environmental programme for the entire City Administration and specific, annual environmental programmes for the individual municipal departments contain both environmental goals and the related environmental measures and implementation responsibilities.
Social Impact: 
Role model function and positive image Reducing energy consumption and air pollutants Saving on resources and reducing waste Cost reduction
Innovative Character: 
The unique selling proposition (USP) of the PUMA programme is the comprehensive implementation of environmental management across Vienna’s entire City Administration. Furthermore, special mention must be made of the fact that PUMA’s clear communication structures between programme management and municipal departments make the programme a highly efficient and effective implementation tool for environmental measures throughout the entire organisation. As a learning programme, relevant experiences of one member are passed on swiftly and efficiently to all other members
Scaling Trajectory: