“Scufita Rosie” Babysitting service

“Scufita Rosie” Babysitting service
“Scufita Rosie” (The Little Red Riding Hood) Babysitting service is a social business project developed by Romanian Red Cross – Bucharest 6 Branch which offers
Social Purpose: 
Nowadays, in Bucharest, there are 180 public kindergardens and 140 private kindergardens and the total number of children registered is ~ 39.000. Approximately 30% from the total of 56.000 children with permanent residence in Bucharest, between the ages of 3 and 6 are staying at home with a non-certified baby-sitter or the grandparents looking after them. According to the information published by the Bucharest School Inspectorate, in 2012 more than 20.000 children are not registered at kindergarden because of the lack of places. Also, in nursery centers there is a shortage of aprox. 2.000 places every year, even if most of the babies and toddlers stay at home with nurses or grandparents.
Social Impact: 
The lack of nursery centres and the general poor quality of babysitting services in Bucharest create a very stressful situation for the parents, because there are many risks on leaving their children at home with someone that doesn't have the proper qualification for childcare. This is one reason why many parents (especially mothers) refuse to return to work after having a child. “Scufita Rosie” offers the opportunity for mothers to go back to work and also provides legal working places for the baby-sitters, which leads to general economic growth and well-being.
Innovative Character: 
At the moment, “Scufita Rosie” is the only viable option to the uncertified black market babysitting services in Bucharest. The quality and secure babysitting services of “Scufita Rosie” are guaranteed by the professional training and constant supervision of the baby-sitters. For every 8 “Respiro” vouchers bought, “Scufita Rosie” offers a Free of Charge voucher to single mothers with low income.
Scaling Trajectory: