“Social Economy Days” by the Social Economy Action Group in Greece

“Social Economy Days” by the Social Economy Action Group in Greece
a group of expert volunteers reaches Municipalities,local officials,stakeholders, providing high-quality information and expertise on social innovation, economy and related development potentials
Social Purpose: 
A lack of credible and detailed information is evident in Greek local authorities and stakeholders regarding the potentials of social economy and innovation. “Social Economy Days” were exactly designed to provide such high-quality expertise to all local actors interested in presenting operational readiness for the new EU funding period of 2014-2020 and towards the fruition of EUROPE 2020 goals.
Social Impact: 
Indeed,in three of the cities involved in the project, namely Kozani, Thessaloniki and Xanthi, stakeholders have proceeded in materializing solid social economy initiatives. Municipality of Kozani has launched its 1st Social Economy and Business Innovation Competition “Kozani Excellence Awards 2014” (http://social-economy.com/KOZANI-Excellence-AWARDS-2014.html). In Thessaloniki city, a group of active citizens and NGOs have established the first Social Cooperative Enterprise in Work Integration for people belonging to vulnerable groups and especially ex-addicts (www.oasis-koinsep.gr). In Xanthi, a group of women and a local association have initiated the first Social Cooperative Enterprise with collective and productive purposes named “GENISEA”. Along, Democritus University of Thrace has held a major multi-stakeholder information event which now gave birth to a European wide ERASMUS Plus project on social business and a dedicated Summer School on business innovation and social economy.
Innovative Character: 
It directly communicates all breaking news generated in the context of the European Commission’s Social Business Initiative, thus providing the ground for a direct collaboration between Greek local authorities and the Commission. Additionally, it opens up the way for other, highly-specialized organizations on social economy development to enter the game, thus favouring the ecosystem-approach.
Scaling Trajectory: