Abitare Sociale Metropolitano (ASM) impresa sociale srl

Abitare Sociale Metropolitano (ASM) impresa sociale srl
To offer a social answer to the housing problem especially in cities as Milan where the rent is very high
Social Purpose: 
The project aims: - to fulfil the demand of housing for people that doesn’t have access to housing free market. The project take care especially of the families with huge economic and social problems; - to answer to the short term demand of housing especially from workers, young people that are still in training, relatives of hospitalized people; - to offer support for the housing autonomy to singles and new families; - to offer a restauration of the house for who lived there since years and it is the historical memory of the building.
Social Impact: 
The social impact is in these numbers: 250 people involved; 41 apartments; 22 places; 2 shops and other 40 apartments in other areas
Innovative Character: 
to offer social housing requalifying old historical building also with some residents and to offer the new apartments to convenient conditions