Abnormal: Abnormal is a trademark Low-Profit and Open Source.
Social Purpose: 
- it brings together artists, designers, graphic designers, fashion designers in an innovative production and manufacturing of clothing and design - produce social value, well-being and a new spirit of social economy starting from every single person
Social Impact: 
- create a working environment of cooperation and highligts personal skills - reduce the impact of cloth production - recovery of traditional tailoring of "Made in Italy" - 50% of the revenues are invested in social projects
Innovative Character: 
- Innovating business models: parteners are associated members of the cooperative - Differentiate the methods of production, building a solid business model that self-organizes through synergies between all social actors, public and private in it find their inspiration; - A model of network interventions to promote an ethic of responsibility able to identify and to network all types of resources: from private to public, from the human family and to those organizational and financial.