Ethical tourism with organisations that are fighting against the Mafia
Social Purpose: 
Educate to beauty; Promote Sicily; Show that legality and develpement can work together; Make Anti-Mafia an easy concept, accessible to everyone and disseminate this concept to all the population accentuating that it brings financial advantages.
Social Impact: 
The project began based on the cultural association (2009) with citizens with the willing to be organized for the fight against Mafia. Now, Addio Pizzo Travels organises educational tours for local schools to educate them on the history concerning the fight against Mafia. La gente vuole conocere Fare aumentare i soci, responsabilità e diventare protagonisti Siamo i primi a avere fatto questo passo. Turismo responsabile va bene pero la realità Sicilia è la mafia è la priorità più tosto che l’ambiente, cultura… Il nostro territorio è questa la nostra realità. Percosi di educazione civica perché racontiamo la lotta anti mafia e la storia. The tourist products are based on responible tourism principles which means an improvment of the promotion of our culture, the meeting and the share between the tourist and the hosting community. But our main goal is to fight against Mafia and the local population suffers a lot of this. The environmental aspects are then for them less considered then the social aspects. They offer work in the legal way to people. It is a very important issue as the state is sometimes missing this aspect while Mafia gives work to young people. The whole chain of the tourism products are all certified against Mafia . It means that the local population is taking part of this fight and that the tourist participates too. It also promotes the social justice, the legality and the freedom principles.
Innovative Character: 
Involve providers that have decided to say No to the Mafia; Facilitate the procedures to denonce and to be opposed to the Mafia; The tours, especially the young peole are made to educate them to become a future responsible citizen.
Scaling Trajectory: