Aedo rethinks the way to live culture, transforming the traditional fruition in an interactive, multimedia, emotional and participatory experience.
Social Purpose: 
Transforming/turning museums and expositive realities of diffused heritage into places of research, education and social entertainment. These are open space where social cohesion and well-being among individuals of different culture, language, age and ability, are generated starting from the cultural heritage and its impact on the sense of identity and sharing. Connection between culture and society is central to the conditions of economic and social development of a country in the medium and long term. It is essential for the growth of the “human capital” of the country itself and its Welfare. Creativity and culture are “innovation gyms” in every economic, industrial and productive but, above all, social sector.
Social Impact: 
Cultural institutions and local authorities get both a reinforcement of their offer and increase the attractiveness to the public, especially in terms of flow of visitors produced (part of which consists of a new public). The experience of the visit to a cultural space may replace/support other less-social activities, while providing entertainment, information and education, and opportunities for sharing and exchanging new experiences. The re-activation of interest and participation of the community in its own territory is an added value for the local institution. The final user - local or external - has the opportunity to live new engaging, social, educational experiences (in both known and unknown places), facilitating the comparison between heterogeneous types of individuals.
Innovative Character: 
Starting from the know how of its members, and carefully analyzing the cultural market in its many peculiarities, needs and demands, AEDO develops the most effective communication strategies. Moreover, with a very strong component of scientific validity and cultural content, it creates a new, adaptable and unique format, useful in the construction of visual materials. This can ensure always different storytelling, to be adapted to each reality and fully scalable regarding the technology developed to manage multimedia content. Compared to competitors already working in the field of digital enhancement of cultural heritage, Aedo differs from more technical realities, for its informative mission to a general public. Unlike realities with the aim of involving mass, Aedo is based on the specific skills of the team (most of the companies working in the field of museum exhibits are communication agencies that do not focus their activities on the dissemination of culture) and on a specific use of technology. This latter is intended not to the spectacularization of an environment, but as a “familiar” mean of communication, to build up new paths of culture development, which is co-designed with the territories and conceived for the dissemination of culture to a large and heterogeneous public. Moreover, Aedo is currently the only technologic system of digital enhancement that generates 3D high-resolution restitutions of objects, or operating mechanisms of machineries, starting from photographic and digital video, without processing software and reconstruction.
Scaling Trajectory: