African Clean Energy

African Clean Energy
African Clean Energy produces and distributes ultra-clean biomass cookstoves, which have the potential to change the way the poorest half of the world consumes energy.
Social Purpose: 
To change the way the poorest half of the world energy consumes energy with enormous impact on health, environment and poverty. These are the three of the most important challenges in the world today. 4 million people die every year because of indoor smoke inhalation, enormous unnecessary output of greenhouse gasses and deforestation and the most vulnerable communities in the world also have the highest (relative) energy costs. It has a direct link with each of the MDGs.
Social Impact: 
Prevention of 4 million deaths, decrease of environmental damage (making it close to carbon-neutral) and decreased energy costs (to 85 %) for the poorest of the world. Also provides basic electrification of households through its solar-charged LiFePO4 battery.
Innovative Character: 
Our product eliminates the smoke, which other products don't do (it's the cleanest ánd safest product).