Alberghi Difusi

Alberghi Difusi
Scattered hotels, for the benefit of all the actors of the territory
Social Purpose: 
Alberghi Difusi is a project to develop the local territory and to improve the living conditions of the local population. The project is developed in the montain areas where they have a lot of problems with the depopulation, the aging of its habitants, with a very high employment rate. The purpose is to create new jobs, to enhance the local culture, to protect the environment, to create new services for the local population but also for the tourists.
Social Impact: 
The project is developed according to the principles of responsible tourism which means that the economical benefits stay in the territory. A tourist spends 60€ per day that remains in the local economy and territory. The jobs are created directly within the hotel but also by the opening of new shops (restaurant, bar, tourism activities as tour guides...). IN 2013, the project has created 8 jobs in the village with long therme contract. The project promotes the meeting between the tourist and the local population as the visitors sleep in the house of the habitants and create a contact and an exchange but have services of a hotel. The environement is protected and the local culture is enhanced. The proprietaries are members of the cooperative and have the power to decide with the public administration, the private companies, the associations. All the territory works together to support its development. The village and the territory have seen new habitants arriving to live permanently.
Innovative Character: 
) is a new form of hospitality for those who do not like hotel stays and prefers a more direct contact with the locals. The term “diffuso” (diffuse) denotes a horizontal structure of ”holiday accommodation”, meaning that the main components of the structure are located within different buildings in the central part of a same village/town, instead of the vertical one, as the Hotel’s one, that sometimes reminds blocks of flats. This is the first time that this kind of experience has been developed in Italy and in Europe.
Scaling Trajectory: