Allwin is a food distribution company that provide food and food products to people in need, from retailers and companies that would otherwise go to waste.
Social Purpose: 
AllWin reduces the amount of food that goes to waste in the food retail service chain by offering a service to companies to pick-up food that would go to waste, and distribute it to people in need. AllWin helps companies take responsibility for their waste. Food waste is a problem, in Sweden, as 30% of the food is disposed as waste. Through a professional food distribution and logistics service AllWin creates value for unpriviligied groups by giving them access to high quality food at no cost.
Social Impact: 
AllWin has provided almost 1,6 million meals since 2006 to people i need. Each meal is counted and displayed publicly on their website.
Innovative Character: 
AllWins food redistributio is innovative as it creates value for both the customers, food retailers and companies, by helping them take responsibility for their waste, and simultaneously decreasing the carbon foot print of food that is wasted. AllWin has established collaboartions with organisations that support people in need, and provide them with healthy food and produce that increase helath and well-being among children and adults in these groups.