Approdi Innovativi

Approdi Innovativi
Approdi Innovativi it is a location in Milan dedicated to citizenship encounters and new ways of co-living, working and generate community.
Social Purpose: 
The social purpose of Approdi Innovativi is to provide the community with social housing solution, regenerate an area of Milan and create a community space where different people can live together and different people through different activities. The project tackle the issue of social housing for people who would be excluded from society.
Social Impact: 
The residence combines the living of students with people with difficulties and people who need to stay in Milan for a while and there are 121 places available. The social impact of Approdi Innovativi is meaningful for the whole community, and its impact could be considered in concentric circles starting from the building of Approdi Innovativi, La Barona Village and then the neighborhood and the city itself. In 2012 almost 12.000 people
Innovative Character: 
The project was innovative since its beginning in 2005 , and still is as it conjugates the need for social housing with an income coming from the touristic activity of Zumbini 6, the hotel within the Villaggio La Barona.
Scaling Trajectory: