Aprendices Visuales

Aprendices Visuales
Aprendices Visuales is a small non profit with a big mission: that children with autism all around the world have access to the tools they need to reach their full potential.
Social Purpose: 
Make better the life quality of children with autism and other learning difficulties. We started this project after our little cousin was diagnosed with autism. After making some research, we found that people with autism are “visual learners”, so we prepared for him a book with pictograms, with images, to learn how to go alone to the bathroom. It worked really well, and because we couldn ́t found any material like this, we shared it online. Suddenly, thousands of families and professionals, all around the world, started writing saying: “thank you, thank you for sharing this material”. We took the decision to give an answer to this social demand and use our professional career to give the children like our cousin an opportunity to develop their incredible minds. Since then, we are developing products that could help them bring out their potential while making social awareness.
Social Impact: 
We make both cualitative and cuantitative measures of our impact. Cuantitative: we have the number of downloads in our interactive apps and in our online platform. We also measure: number of reads and countries where it's being used. Cualitative: we work closely with Associations. They will use the stories with the children and give us the feedback about their evolution. We also have "control families", they are families that we have a really continuous exchange and we measure with them the transformation in their children. We have another measuring group called "new families". When a children is diagnosed, we will offer them our stories and when they see their children can learn, even if they have autism, this will transform their vision and we ́ve seen when you empower families, children will get empowered too. Since the digital story “El Oledor Explorador” (“Sniffer the Explorer”) was first published, 1​84,564 children have read our 16 stories and enjoyed communicating and learning with our free digital stories which are accessible for everyone. The interactive apps “El Oledor y José Aprende”(“The Sniffer and Joe Learns”) have made it possible for 5​3,454 families and professionals t​o use our interactive stories so their children have fun whilst they learn.
Innovative Character: 
We ́ve developed the first stories with pictograms specifically designed for children with autism with the collaboration of psycologist and experts. We offer this solution under an open license, under license creative commons, to spread our solution, with the goal of reahcing every child with autism worldwide.