Arthuro by Peep-hole

Arthuro by Peep-hole
Arthuro is a platform devoted to public programs and educational activities offered by contemporary art institutions worldwide to stimulate direct knowledge of art in an increasingly vast audience.
Social Purpose: 
Arthuro has been created with the aim of reinforcing the social role of contemporary art institutions, promoting and spreading their public programs and educational activities. On an international level spaces focusing on contemporary art have understood, for some time now, the importance of producing experiences of direct, participative experience: museums and institutions all over the world have made increasing investments in their education departments and public programs, offering an intense calendar of activities and events with the goal of generating new opportunities for dialogue, knowledge and discussion. The idea is to transmit to the largest number of persons possible the universal value of contemporary art as a language for examination of the present, to explore our time and to encourage, through knowledge of new values and cultures, the coexistence of diversities.
Social Impact: 
Arthuro allows institutions and art centers to grant greater visibility and access to the collateral programs of exhibitions, with the goal of forwarding their institutional mission: to encourage and offer suitable tools of comprehension of contemporary art to the largest number of people possible. Arthuro stimulates institutions to expand their offerings, with the effect of creating new opportunities for employment of cultural workers and involvement of a growing number of visitors. At the same time, Arthuro creates the infrastructure for an international network of sharing and interaction of best practices of knowledge transmission through art. The evaluation of the social impact generated will be done through collaboration with the art centers registered with the platform, establishing regular feedback on the progress of virtual visits to their pages, real visits to the institutions, and participation in their activities. The testing phase will be in April 2015.
Innovative Character: 
Unlike other web platforms active in the promotion of exhibitions, Arthuro is a collector, gathering and selecting opportunities for education and direct knowledge of contemporary art. Through Arthuro every type of user can be informed in a simple, immediate way about the activities closest to them, staying up to date on the best opportunities proposed by contemporary art institutions around the world. The digitalization of the project represents a fundamental component to make Arthuro a flexible and immediate tool for the needs of all types of audiences. All the activities promoted by the platform are calendarized and geolocalized starting from those closest, in keeping with a criterion of space/time proximity to the user. It is also possible to program activities in specific places of interest, to insert selected events in a personal agenda, and to make reservations through direct links to the sites of the participating institutions.
Scaling Trajectory: