Asociatia de Ajutor Mutual Slatina-Timis (ADAMSlatina-Timis) with support of Actie Dorpen Roemenië-Vlaanderen (ADR-Vlaanderen) and The Open Network for Community Development.

Asociatia de Ajutor Mutual Slatina-Timis (ADAMSlatina-Timis) with support of Actie Dorpen Roemenië-Vlaanderen (ADR-Vlaanderen) and The Open Network for Community Development.
We have set up a social-medical community health centre in Slatina-Timis, Romania, steered by a mutualistic organisation.
Social Purpose: 
ADAMSlatina-Timis addresses the lack of a Qualitative, Accessible and Affordable health care for everyone in Romania. The health care sector in Romania is characterised by its pitiful conditions, services and high levels of corruption. Much needed reform has started in recent years, although progress is limited. First line health care, as well as second line (specialists and hospitals) is poorly developed in most rural areas. Resulting in a less healthy population with big consequences for the future, financially for the state as and for the patients. Health promotion is weak and home care unexploited and underfinanced. The whole health system is under enormous pressure and financial means are lacking.
Social Impact: 
A rural village, but also the entire region (for the moment half of the county Caras Severin), is working together with ADAMSlatina-Timis. Thus serving more than 8.000 patients at the moment. More than 80 volunteers are engaged with ADAMSlatina-Timis. The centre is a multidisciplinary centre with family doctor, dentist, social pharmacy, home care, revalidation room, social fund, meeting rooms and is defending the rights of the patients. It takes care of a better follow-up of vaccinations, chronically illnesses, decrease of different diseases, emergency care and home care meaning people can leave the hospital earlier and recover further at home. The centre maintains good contacts with specialists and hospitals in order to seek the best solution for referrals and follow-up. Moreover, the mere existence of this project allows people in this region to have access to Qualitative, Accessible and Affordable health care, which they would not have access to otherwise. Monthly reporting is done to the health insurance body CJAS Caras Severin, different inspections by state departments are carried out and a monthly overview of treated people, members, income and expenses, voluntary engagements, etc is provided to the board. On a regular basis the whole system is evaluated by Belgian and Romanian partners and lessons learned are formulated. The board of the organisation ADAMSlatina-Timis is meeting every two months. The board assesses the working of the social-medical centre, adjusts where necessary and sets out the way forward to develop further. Volunteers thus decide themselves on which topics their social-medical system will focus. Moreover, ADAMSlatina-Timis is doing more than providing health care for the people in the region of Caras Severin. This model of organisation enables people to take their health life into their own hands. Through mutual decision making, meetings and workshops, local people can indicate their needs and can thus decide on the working agenda of the social-medical centre. Finally, this way of organising first line health care also creates a basic level of trust between people and towards health care. In Romania, it is often the case that individualism is chosen over solidarity, partly because of the communist history. Through the social-medical centre, people can learn again what it is to be a volunteer as well as to have a social structure within their society to exert pressure on government officials.
Innovative Character: 
Our project set up a first line health care centre with social character, steered by the people in the rural areas. The centre is an open door for the whole population and is working in close collaboration with the state-organised health insurance, second and third line health care system, NGO’s and different institutions. The centre emphasizes prevention and health promotion, performance of home care and renting of revalidation materials, working together with the local council, the social department, schools and social organisations such as the women-, men-, and youth organisations. Finally, ADAMSlatina-Timis also encompasses a Vizidom (home visit to lonely elderly or chronically sick people) and emphasizes voluntary work. The combination of all this, makes this project a “unique selling product”. ADAMSlatina-Timis is steered by an elected board enlarged with co-opted representatives of the local council (mayor) and social organisations representing the civil society locally.
Scaling Trajectory: