Associazione Controluce Onlus - Museo Tattile Varese

Associazione Controluce Onlus - Museo Tattile Varese
The Museo Tattile of Varese is a touching museum meant for blind people to give them a new form of knowledge through cultural itineraries and collateral activities.
Social Purpose: 
This project has a positive social impact for several reasons: it allows blind people to know the reality that wouldn't be knowable in any other ways; to reach a new and deeper understanding of the world through the use of the view and the development of the sense of touch, especially thanks to experimentation in cognitive multi-sensory; it represents an integration model between blind and sighted people, because the blind people assume a role of "guide" for the sighted ones; it involves schools and young generation to the problem of diversity and disability.
Social Impact: 
The social impact concerns an actual enlargement of the possibilities of knowledge of the world for blind and sighted people. The project is expanding gradually, not only in terms of the number of hosted models, but also in terms of the projects developed in museums and schools. The indicator to assess whether the project has been successful are the following: turnout indicators of blind people; turnout indicators of sighted people; the participation of the school sector; the involvement of the users of the Museum.
Innovative Character: 
The Museo Tattile of Varese is the only example in Europe of conservation of architectural, geographical archeological touching models. The laboratories made with schools, teachers and adults in general, are unique examples.
Scaling Trajectory: