atempo works towards the equalization of people with learning difficulties and disabilities. atempo uses social franchising to scale up the impact of its social innovations/brands nueva and capito
Social Purpose: 
Barrierfree access to both - environment and information - is the precondition for inclusion of disabled or socially deprived people. atempo addresses these goals in the capito branch. User involvement in the definition and evaluation of the quality of social services is an important task to facilitate the role change of service users from passive clients to active customers. atempo addresses this goal in the nueva branch.
Social Impact: 
capito: With more than 50.000 pages of information translated by the capito network within the last years, access to different sectors of community life was given to people with disabilities and low language skills. nueva: Over 9.000 service users have been interviewed by the nueva network about the quality of their service and throughout this massively influenced the service quality. Both are assessed in annual impact reports based on the SRS-Standard (social reporting standard).
Innovative Character: 
capito is unique in the German speaking countries with its method to make information accessible and its TÜV-certified quality standard. nueva in an European research was identified as the one and only quality evaluation system including the customers of social services in the quality evaluation in all three stages: the definition of quality, as information resource (interviewees) and main actors in the evaluation (interviewers).