aWATTar GmbH

aWATTar GmbH
aWATTar's mission is to help our customers to use green power´s trends to their advantage, and contribute to a 100% renewable energy future at the same time.
Social Purpose: 
Our social purpose is to further enable the growth of solar and wind power by making sure that more of it fits into the grid. Without us more solar and wind power would get wasted, giving critics important arguments to stop further growth. We offer an energy tariff that is variable on an hourly basis, and automation solutions that shift the consumption of certain devices to the optimal time, where low price increasingly indicates high degree of green energy in real time.
Social Impact: 
Our social impact will come from the “cloud” of aWATTar users increasingly adapting their power consumption to nature. We intend to publish this on our website, and reach a size that will make it impossible for energy traders to ignore our influence. That means traders will anticipate the reaction from our user base, which will make sure that less solar and wind power plants will be scheduled to have to switch off during windy and sunny times. Monitoring this impact will be part of daily operations, as we report the schedule data for our “balancing group” or settlement area to the network operator.
Innovative Character: 
Neither the hourly tariff nor the automation solutions we are developing exist in the market today. Arguably the awareness that excess solar and wind power is a problem, and that it goes along with low prices in real time, is also severely lacking, especially since green power is often understood as a “label” that can be attached to one’s power tariff and that makes all one’s power green at all times. This is a misconception that we aim to address, too.
Scaling Trajectory: