BEES Coop (Coopèrative Bruxelloise Economique Ecologique et Sociale)

BEES Coop (Coopèrative Bruxelloise Economique Ecologique et Sociale)
BEES is the first consumer cooperative in Brussels that offers organic, local and quality products at affordable prices, through a business model based on active participation and social inclusion
Social Purpose: 
1 - making the bio, local and quality nutrition accessible to all, through the elimination of economic and information barriers that today limit their access to people with high human and financial capital 2 - connecting consumers around a project that goes beyond the creation and management of a supermarket , but is rather a living place where to build social cohesion and inclusion around the unifying theme of food supply 3 - showing that another way to consume and distribute the products is possible and that it is able to connect consumers and producers with the common goal of subverting the agro- industrial model for higher quality products , more transparency and more involvement of citizens
Social Impact: 
The social impact produced is to : - Raise awareness and include the highest possible number of people ( 330 families to date , target 2200 to the end of 2017 ) - To support the cooperative through the daily work of the members (currently 50 members manage all project activities of the cooperative , in addition to activities related to the purchase - sale of products ) - Create real jobs for unemployed young people. We have already created four jobs and we aim to create other 3 by the end of 2016 for awareness activities and other 3 ( for disadvantaged ) in processing workshops in 2017
Innovative Character: 
BEES coop is innovative because: - it is a consumer cooperative in which members participate actively, to the extent of three hours per month, to the management of all the practical aspects of the supermarket - The participatory model allows members to immediately obtain a removal of economic barriers (only model that reduces 75% of direct costs with the implication of the partners, social purpose = zero profit, bypass intermediaries through the application the concept of slow food and short circuit) and information (transparency on the purchase, mutual awareness, better knowledge of the production chain) - Innovative because, compared to similar initiatives (buying groups in solidarity or small organic shops), BEES will impact on a large scale on the district, thanks to the choice of opening a supermarket and then create a meeting place for the whole community. This choice is also conducive to lower final prices and makes organic food available to everyone. - BEES applies a governance model type sociocratico, with a statute that is already innovative and taken as example by many similar initiatives - Innovative because it is totally open source and with the aim of supporting many similar initiatives