BEPART the public imagination movement

BEPART the public imagination movement
Bepart, a social media that fills the city with art, videos and sounds by technologies of augmented reality. It creates virtual exhibition in public spaces involving citizens in shaping.
Social Purpose: 
Bepart is a movement of public imagination that makes possible for everybody to show and promote ideas, projects, art products and performances, design, architecture, videos and sounds directly in the urban spaces, thanks to augmented reality (AR). This service favours a shared planning of public spaces and implements the opportunities for professionals operating in the cultural scene to show and promote their products and projects, to receive a feedback and increase commissions. Bepart transforms the city into an exhibition space by adding an “invisible” layer every citizen can experience. The community of Bepart can express likes and approval to the works in AR through the function “Do it”, that differently from the usual “like” is an invitation to transform a project into reality. By crossing the data of the users profiles with the “do it” expressed, Bepart can generate a reliable feedback on the municipal territory of the popularity rating of an art project. A consistent number of “do it” allows Bepart to proceed to signal that specific art work/project to public administrations and cultural institutions interested creating a dynamic dialogue among different stakeholders. Bepart offers a model of interaction with public space that gives back quality to citizens. The Public Imagination Movement can condition the future while stimulating the present.
Social Impact: 
Free interaction with an invisible layer can stimulate territories, citizens, cultural institutions, museums, administrations and associations to share vision on urban spaces, with an impulse to their requalification. The stress is not only on entertainment, the layer is a work instrument that creates engagement. Fruition and interaction with available cultural contents are measured thanks to users profiles, according to the laws on privacy, which may enable to produce reliable feedback from the territory and promote audience development. Users have always free access to contents. Starting from May 2015 at the opening in Milan of Expo 2015 Bepart will be launched widely.
Innovative Character: 
The insertion of cultural contents by means of augmented reality in urban spaces is an innovative technological process. There are few experiments in this field. Augmented reality in urban spaces has been tested so far for marketing events and in general for advertising, but not for cultural contents. Bepart employs existing technologies and synchronizes them with the insertion and the visualization of cultural contents, no matter if simple or complex. This promotes the creation of a community of users. The Innovation of the initiative lies also in the creation of a possible interaction between citizens and public spaces by means of advanced ICT in synergy with rapidly developing trends: smart cities, crowd generation and augmented reality.
Scaling Trajectory: