Bgood users find social and ecological tasks on the website, they collect points for each completed task and these points can be exchanged with companies for goodies
Social Purpose: 
We want to set the potential of individuals free. Many people want to volunteer or act ecological, but often they don’t know how. On bgood they can find a variety of social and ecological tasks. NGOs often have problems to find volunteers. They problem is even bigger when they need many people in a short time period. For NGOs bgood is a new way of getting volunteers easy and fast.
Social Impact: 
The social impact is versatile. It depends on which tasks are completed by the individuals. They overview of tasks can be found under and we keep adding new tasks.
Innovative Character: 
In Austria there is no similar platform existing. In the long run bgood doesn’t rely on subsidies or charity. We are able to finance bgood with our reward system and letting companies participate in the process. bgood allows it for companies to communicate social responsibility in a unique way - by rewarding individuals for the society beneficial behavior.
Scaling Trajectory: