Bikeworks is a London based not for profit social enterprise that uses cycling as a tool to tackle social and environmental challenges in the community.
Social Purpose: 
Employment and Training / Intermediate labour market Environmental / Large bicycle reuse program Disability / Heath & Well-being Our mission is to actively change lives and offer positive experiences using the bicycle and cycling. We do this by delivering an employment and training program and get people into work in the cycle industry and beyond. We have 3 training centres across London. We work with all age s in a health / welling and disability cycling program. We have 3 centres across London, one in the Olympic park and a large range of adapted bikes. We run a shop where sell new and reused bikes as well as a number of business services to the private and public sector.
Social Impact: 
Employment and Training – Job outcomes in the cycling and wider industry. Environmental - Steel and aluminum diverted from landfill and re-use of bicycles and spare parts. Health and Wellbeing - We deliver training to all ages with learning and physical disabilities and offer a cycling experience to all. We measure this by tons diverted and number attending programs and job outcomes. We use the bike to bring together people that need our help and people that can help finance Bikeworks by spending money with us. What we do isn’t rocket science and I can see the same people in every community across the world. I believe Bikeworks can deliver the same impact and income generate using the same business model given support to many communities however we need networks and connector to enable this.
Innovative Character: 
We use the bicycle and apply it into various sectors to not only income generate but deliver social impact through education and training, disability and re-use and retail.