Bookalokal, Inc.

Bookalokal, Inc.
Bookalokal aims to make it easy and safe to share an authentic food experience with people anywhere in the world, and to give travellers access to local people through a meal.
Social Purpose: 
The purpose of Bookalocal was to give travellers access to local people through a meal. This connection is also sought by expats, locals, or people going through any kind of transition to meet people and to integrate. Food is a very good way to share culture, break the ice, bond, help people get together. Bookalokal is a tool that helps foster connection and understanding through food.
Social Impact: 
It provides authentic experience and connexion with local people. Indeed, a lot of people do not want to go in a random restaurant, they want to meet the people who cooked it and hear the story behind the food. It is a safe way to give access to a local network of hosts, because Bookalokal’s team check if the hosts are serious and reliable. The events often bring together people from a lot of different cultures, people who would have had very few chances to end up in the same room otherwise, and offer them an occasion to bond.
Innovative Character: 
Websites that already existed like Couchsurfing or Air B'n'B could help their user connect with local people but their main purpose is for the users to find an accommodation. Couchsurfing can be used to meet people without being hosted by them, but the organisation of meals together would be very informal. Bookalokal, unlike Couchsurfing, assigns a price to the meal, which makes it more formal. The quality and reliability are much different, there are standards. The difference between Bookalokal and the concept of “Table d'hôtes” is that these establishments are very localised and have their own websites, but they are not gathered on a market place with global presence, so that system would not be scalable.