Borghi Autentici d'Italia

Borghi Autentici d'Italia
A change for more happiness in village is build by and for the local population
Social Purpose: 
To give more happiness to the citizen by placing them as the main actors of a sustainable development of their village together with the local authorities. The working groups decide pilot projects to develop in their territories in order to increase their style of life but also to create jobs and to insure economical benefits for the local territories. The young people are especially targeted because they are the future habitants of the villages and they need to be included in the decision making process.
Social Impact: 
The project started in 2012 and still needs to be improved but the first results are very much encouraging. The benefits are for the citizens as they see their style of life increasing but also for the public administration has the support of the local population which help a lot to define a proper politic adapted to their real needs. The young people are more involved in the decision making process. The citizen inniatives are supported by the public administration and are institutionalized.
Innovative Character: 
The real innovation is that the innitiative has created a feeling of citizenship to the village and has developped a concrete dialogue among the public administration, the private companies, the civil society (associations, NGOs) and the citizen. Where the administration cannot provide some services, the citizens and the private sector filed this gap.
Scaling Trajectory: