Buone Notizie Communication Farm srl

Buone Notizie Communication Farm srl
Buone Notizie is a digital publishing innovative start-up for capturing audience with positive news, using innovative ways such as solution journalism, with a focus on social innovation.
Social Purpose: 
Bad news spread on mass-media are the first cause for anxiety, according to EURODAP (the European Association for anxiety disorders and panic attacks). A virtuous and professional information model, based on the disclosure of solution journalism and positive news, is able to spread a sense of confidence in the future and in the world as a whole. The impetus behind this idea is a reasoned evaluation of the real benefits, social and even economics (according to our impact assessment and Social-ROI) from the spread of a solutions-oriented information, such as social innovation news, using a different point of view and creating discontinuity with old models.
Social Impact: 
According to studies and researches we collected, spreading positive news has a huge impact on people’s attitude, wellness and health, since this helps to promote a higher quality of life, psychological well-being and consciousness about future, which will be truly brighter than those usually disclosed by mass-media. Have a positive vision of the future is the key against anxiety and depression (according to a study of the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center of Los Angeles). EURODAP (already cited above) declares mass-media are nowadays the 1st cause for anxiety disorders. Since direct economic benefits haven’t been proved yet, the opposite has been widely demonstrated: bad news cause a bad attitude towards others, especially in stress situations and in workplaces.
Innovative Character: 
Innovation stands both in the information model and in the way they are spread: 1) positive news are partly produced by our journalists, and partly grabbed on the web and on social networks, 2) then published both on our proprietary channels (our web site, app and social channels) and on partner and customers channels, after a specific content curation. In our road map, good news will be filtered using a semantic algorithm that recognize positive sentiment from the news.
Scaling Trajectory: