It pursue the community interest, acting for social integration and human promotion, through various activities (industrial, commercial services) aimed at the working inclusion of disadvantage people.
Social Purpose: 
Social Inclusion and local territory enhancement
Social Impact: 
The fragmentation of the mountain area and the difficulties that most people are still facing due to the crisis period, can sound like a death sentence for all the mountain communities, but Cadore SCS with a strong network made of several local entities is the example that proves that transforming them into opportunities is possible. The cooperative Cadore scs was founded in 2008, and started its activity on 1st July of the same year. Since that day the mission of the cooperative has been to: “create and invent jobs” in the Cadore area, situated in the Province of Belluno that is one of the most beautiful sites in the Dolomites from an environmental point of view. The idea was born after the terrible crisis that made most of the eyewear factories close, and this brought a lot of problems in the Cadore valley, leaving many families without an income. As most of the mountain regions around Europe, all the Cadore area is now suffering from a strong emigration. One of the missions of the Cooperative is in fact to make the area more livable, and react against the phenomenon of migration from the mountains to the urban areas where the everyday life is easier thanks to all types of comfort that are changing our habits. Currently our social entity deals with all sorts of disadvantaged people, giving them the opportunity to live peacefully. We daily deal with the categories that are included in the Italian law “Legge 8 novembre 1991, n 381” and in the “Commission regulation (EC) No 2204/2002”. In these 7 years the utopian idea of creating a social cooperative in the local area has been transformed into a real social enterprise with a fundamental role in the district. The results that the cooperative can boast have been achieved thanks to a strong network of different types of partners; this is why the project is first of all an important result for the whole community.
Innovative Character: 
The project of the Cooperative involves several partners of the local community, the team is made up of different types of bodies, some are public institutional partners, others are important network partners but there is also a well-built collaboration with other social entities. More or less all the public municipalities of the area decided to work together with CADORE SCS, in particular: Comune di Auronzo, Comune di Calalzo, Comune di Cortina d’Ampezzo, Comune di Lozzo, Comune di Pieve di Cadore, Comune di Santo Stefano, Comune di San Vito, Comune di Valle di Cadore, Comune di Alleghe and Comune di Cibiana. The creation of the network with strategic partners has been fundamental for the implementation of the project. Important value to the project has been given by the “Servizio integrazione lavorativa ULSS1” (service for the working integration ULSS1) and “centro per l’impiego, per il servizio socio-sanitario” (employment center, for the social-health service). Last but not least has been the partnership and collaboration with other social entities such as Cooperativa le valli from Longarone and Cooperativa sociale onlus Itaca from Pordenone. In addition, at the moment, the cooperative is part of the national organizations Confcooperative and Legacooperative.