Campaign Bootcamp

Campaign Bootcamp
Campaign Bootcamp gives campaigners the skills, confidence and network they need to run progressive campaigns that build a fairer, greener and more equal world. Our
Social Purpose: 
Our training gives a voice to the most disadvantaged by giving them the skills, confidence and network they need to make change happen. We do this because we believe that it’s really important to take advantage of the digital age to empower those who are usually ignored or overlooked by the powerful, which only worsens inequality. By training those without access to the corridors of power we hope to reduce inequality.
Social Impact: 
We’re really serious about measuring and evaluating our program. We do this by doing M&E before, during and after every training and at 6 month intervals after the program is completed. This allows us to demonstrate that 80% of graduates said they found it ‘extremely useful’ and 85% of Bootcampers said they will definitely apply what they have learnt in campaigning.
Innovative Character: 
Our training model brings together the best campaigners around and makes it easy for them to pass on what they know to a new generation of campaigners. By combining this pedagogical approach with our focus on digital skills we’re energising making it possible for a new generation of people to build a fairer, greener more equal world. There’s no other training quite like ours!
Scaling Trajectory: