Carbery Housing Association

Carbery Housing Association
CHA is a community association who makes empy houses available to people in need and help owners not able to pay mortgage to stay in their houses.
Social Purpose: 
The initiative aims at providing housing to people at risk of becoming homeless. It also help owners who are not able to pay their mortgages to stay in their houses and to become collective owners. It contribute to keep the local community cohesive and to take care of its territory.
Social Impact: 
The social impact has neve been measured concretely. It is very important because the initiative allows epople to stay in their houses, prevent the municipality to take care of an increasing number of homless. It helps revitalising the area and invest in maintaining and ameliorating the real estate patrimony. The retrofitting and energy efficiency intervention are done using unemployed people.
Innovative Character: 
The initiative is innovative because it is based on a mechanism managed by a charity that, involding different stakeholders, solves the problem of housing for people in need. There are two options. 1) CHA rents private properties fro 10-20 years at 80% of market rent. The houses are rented to people from housing list of municipality which pay the rent. CHA ensure the retrofitting, repairs and mainteinance of the propoerties. 2) CHA negotiates a loan to buy houses from bank belonging to people unable to pay their mortgage. People can stay in their houses paying rent through support of municipality, they become members of CHA, so they become collective owners of their houses. CHA ensures also maintenace and retrofitting of houses.
Scaling Trajectory: