Career Moves

Career Moves
Career Moves is the first inclusive job platform in Europe which offers equal opportunities for people with disabilities to apply for jobs
Social Purpose: 
Career Moves tackles one of society’s pressing problems: unemployment of people with disabilities: 8% of our population has severe disabilities, according to WHO only 44% of them are employed (compared to 75% employment rate of people without disabilities). Career Moves focuses on the ability of these people to perform and convinces companies of the economic benefits they can gain by becoming disability confident. For most handicapped people, employment is one of the main factors for gaining economic independence, self-fulfilment, social involvement and appreciation but this is often out of reach. Career Moves also changes attitudes in society: with every job for a person with disability also their colleagues and employers learn how to treat them: simply normal.
Social Impact: 
Career Moves follows a comprehensive quality management approach to ensure that impact is constantly measured and opportunities of improvement are identified. Each year, new annual targets according to the Career Moves key performance indicators (KPIs) are identified. These KPIs are amongst others homepage behaviour, job-posting numbers, applicants placed into jobs and media clippings. They are reported monthly and annually to determine the final annual target achievement rate, which is then used to define the new annual targets. In 2013, CAREER MOVES achieved almost 94.219 page views, 1042 potential partner companies were contacted, 105 media clippings were published in national media and 244 companies were consulted via the service centre. Since its establishment, more than 12.000 jobs were posted on the webpage, the number of job postings in 2013 only was 5.011.
Innovative Character: 
Career Moves is the first job platform in Europe that fully integrates people with disabilities in the application process and into the labour market. Through a new service, the perfect matching is achieved: bringing disabled job seekers into the jobs where their disability does not play a role. Jobs can be labelled with icons, telling whether the job can be handled with certain disabilities. As an intermediary, Career Moves’ key message is that people with disabilities should be selected by their performance rather than by their disability.
Scaling Trajectory: