Casa Colvera

Casa Colvera
Casa Colvera is an effective expeirence of social housing for the elderly. It offers 12 mini-appartments to old indipendent people and a range of services to the community.
Social Purpose: 
Casa Colvera not only offers housing solutions to elderly people but also preserves their self-determination and offers services to the community, with a strong intergenerational focus.
Social Impact: 
Social impact is high. Level of satisfaction of the service has been measured by the cooperative manaing the Casa Colvera. The municipality is also a main stakeholder of the initiative and it is very satisfied because it is able to offer new solutions to housing problems of elderly people.
Innovative Character: 
The project is inovative because it offers new solutions to housing probles of elderly people in a very flexible way. It has developed an intergenerational project, since 15 children (sons and daughters of employees of hte coopreative) meet with elderly people during holidays promoting intergenerational exchange and also helping working women to take care of children during holidays.
Scaling Trajectory: