Centro per l'autonomia

Centro per l'autonomia
supporting and realizing the best life condition for people with psychological and physical disadvantages through innovative personal path
Social Purpose: 
the social purpose of the Centre per Autonomia (centre for autonomy) is to provide people with strong disadvantages from a physical point of view with the necessary tools that could help them reach autonomy and enhance their lifestyle and dignity.
Social Impact: 
The social impact of the project is measureable on the basis of the people supported in the process of autonomy development and in the degree of autonomy reached. The centre has always been been in relation to the community, schools, and institutions in many different ways, from education, to information, to involvement of the people in activities.
Innovative Character: 
the innovative character can be identified in the system of assistance of the centre, which comprehends several professional figures who help the patient throughout his/her path of autonomy. There is also an important figure represented by the peer counselor who , being a person with disability, can better understand and help in the process of growth and independence his/her peer.
Scaling Trajectory: