Cepiss social cooperative - Moraviglia project

Cepiss social cooperative - Moraviglia project
services for small children (0-3 years) alternative to nursery, lets-say a ludic space for small children accompanied by an adult (parents, grand parents, baby sitter).
Social Purpose: 
The initiative offers a new service for families with small children, offering a place to meet and to share experiences. It is a place where children can play and participate to activites (labs) and accompanying adults can meet, listen to conferences, etc. The initiative is a reference point for the local territory, offering a space for associations and local initiatives to meet families and residents. It fosters local development and local cohesion.
Social Impact: 
Moraviglia service created 2 part time jobs, represents a meeting place for local community and a place where local associations can promote their activites and meet the community.
Innovative Character: 
there is not a similar service in the area. There are only normal nurseries. The service is innovative also because it is flexible, it is open when nurseries are closed, it is not expensive. it anwers to a need of the territory.