CharityStars is a new online platform that auctions celebrity memorabilia and unique experiences for charity.
Social Purpose: 
With CharityStars we provide a win-win-win solution: fans can get incredible memorabilia, NGOs have a new powerful fundraising channel (not in competition with other crowd funding platforms because we are not involving habitual donors) and VIPs receive good PR for their charity activities from the media and the press.
Social Impact: 
Our social impact is directly related to the total amount of donations raised. We provide support to many different kinds of organisations, from scientific research to childhood education and environmental protection. We are a very low cost tool for charities to raise funds continuously to support their projects.
Innovative Character: 
We offer an innovative technological product with lots of new features that are able to increase the celebrities’ commitment to the platform. Thanks to this we can provide the best low cost fundraising tool for charities. In practice, CharityStars offers experiential opportunities with celebrities – not available through other channels – to people willing to bid for them. The money raised goes directly to the sponsored charity, while the organisation retains a small % for its operating costs (15%, which is much lower than the average cost of fundraising in the not-for-profit sector).
Scaling Trajectory: