City of Brest

City of Brest
Wiki-Brest is a desire to write together to give to see the heritage of Pays de Brest, telling stories of places or people in various forms (stories, interviews, stories, photos ...).
Social Purpose: 
Social innovation and ICT use, Wiki-Brest tool knowledge of the territory, attractiveness and individual recognition (self-esteem) and group of its inhabitants by their digital productions. Its mode of operation, based on cooperation, strengthens social ties and solidarity across the territories of the country, whether rural or urban, neighborhood community of communes.
Social Impact: 
Relying on people and associative structures in Brest , this project promoting the region and its inhabitants . Territory because each new contribution to the wiki offers to discover a new aspect of historical, geographical, cultural . This is a tool for knowledge in Brest for its residents but also for visitors who wish to discover the life and history of the country. It is also a project in the heart which people are strongly present , many papers describing their initiatives are there to remind their dynamism and foster their expression via the Internet and multimedia tools . The possibility for everyone to talk about his life, his neighborhood, his work helps to strengthen social cohesion and belonging to the same territory beyond the differences between neighborhoods and municipalities. The project also covers public away from the use of ICT , based on the network of PAPI Brest frequented by locals who do not have internet access but also more broadly on the associative network , and the hundreds of workshops initiation to the publication of content in place.
Innovative Character: 
Wiki-Brest was the first territorial wiki France, which now has thirty. Since 1997, many innovations have made Brest recognized at regional and national level in the field of use of Information Technology and Communication city. It is in this favorable context in which the network of actors is important born Wiki-Brest, at the intersection of interest to the process open Wikipedia collaboration, ownership of wikis as a collaborative tool Brest players and a desire to expand the social appropriation of the Internet in the fields of culture and living together.
Scaling Trajectory: