City of Dortmund

City of Dortmund
Dortmund Climate Action Programme 2020
Social Purpose: 
The Dortmund Climate Action Programme 2020 was set up under the auspices of the City Administration in the Department for Mayoral and City Council's Affairs. Representatives of the appropriate specialist departments in the City Administration, citizens and local political groups are in place as permanent partner. The aims of this project is to increase the social cohesion on the field of climate protection.
Social Impact: 
Dortmund encourages citizens to contribute their experience and to get involved in developing solutions. The results of previous, controversial negotiations were presented, explained and votd on in the presence of all those involved. By working together solutions were found and binding agreements were made, which led to a satisfactory result for all those participants who had been critical beforehand. This avoids further civil protests and complaints in future and the citizens are actively involved in achieving the goals which have been set with the joint commitment of the different interest groups.
Innovative Character: 
The new culture of participation is characteristic here, because it has been ensured that there will be broad participation on the stakeholders in hte social process oh shaping policies over a long period of time. The integrated concepts are created as part of a cooperative dialogue between all actors. The administrations sees itself as a facilitator, communicator and initiator as part of negotiating and consensus finding processes. Social commitment is awakened and integrated in solutions strategies by sharing responsability, delegating tasks and empowerement.
Scaling Trajectory: