City of Umea

City of Umea
Bibliothek 2007 is the story on how borrowers in the smallest municipality in Sweden got access to one of the largest book stocks in the country
Social Purpose: 
A common library system has been the mainstay with a joint catalogue ans a single library card. Audioindex is a revolutionary aid for the visually impaired. A new joint library website is being developed.
Social Impact: 
A new way of working; a greater wealth of books; higher level of service; increased accessibility; interchange of technical experience and knowledge; streamlining and large-scale benefits; improved level of protection; equal advantages; cost according to size
Innovative Character: 
Innovation geared to people's needs, desires, behaviour. Intuitive (high accessibility and adapted to different target groups). Informative, interactive (serves as a virtual meeting place). is regarded by many as an answer to the library 2.0 concept.
Scaling Trajectory: