We invite parks and businesses to manufacture our custom-made CleanPicnic-blankets and freely give them away to initiate an easier way to deal with waste in parks and recreational areas.
Social Purpose: 
1) To present a solution for waste in recreation areas 2) To change the mindset around what is possible in waste management 3) Achieve behavioural change
Social Impact: 
We're stimulating citizens to take responsibility for the cleanliness of their own area, which contributes to the value of a place. This can be measured in terms of 1) the numbers of public areas / parks that take it up and efficiency of waste collection, 2) the amount of money the local government saves on waste management and 3) the amount of social media reactions.
Innovative Character: 
It's a new way of addressing waste: creating a tool for citizens to help address the waste problem themselves. Also, it is a new product. The clean picnic blanket is a new pattened concept that has not been anywhere else around the world.
Scaling Trajectory: