Coeso: organisational model based on specialisation
Social Purpose: 
- Support the development of cooperatives in the area, aimed to promote active citizenship and the promotion of the welfare of the local community; - Promoting solidarity, cooperation among cooperatives, respect for the individual, the internal democracy; - Supporting social communication processes capable of promoting moral values and social cooperation; - Support reflection on the needs and the design of innovative responses to the needs themselves; - Support (with the proper tools of the social policies) of ethical development of the area, in liaison with other consortia network of regional and national territory.
Social Impact: 
- caputure local needs and create an intergreted offer to answer to specific needs - support the creation of a new culture of citizenship and welfare, able to respond to changing scenarios.
Innovative Character: 
- an organisational model of companies characterised by small size and specialization - consortium that reinvests its cultural capital, human and economic organisations engaging in new, from time to time, competent partners.