Collective Energy

Collective Energy
With crowd-financing Collective Energy offers an alternative form of financing, to develop the extension of renewable energies and give people the chance to participate at the actual energy transition
Social Purpose: 
We want to illustrate alternative ways of producing energy. It’s not only about producing energy, but also to think how the desired change in the energy sector can be financed and who is finally in possession of the Energy. In our view it is very important that the society will be strongly involved in these processes. Cause if the energy would be in possession of the people, they would probably act more carefully with it.
Social Impact: 
We would like to provide a product to the market, where the whole society can be part of the energy transition which is happening at the moment in Europe. So we give people the chance to invest in a regional company and support them to a more sustainable way of producing energy and in the end a more ecological product for society.
Innovative Character: 
As we provide goods-vouchers instead of money as a return, a much better rate of return as usually is possible. The main idea is that society will be investing instead of big investors and banks. Ventures get financial independently and involve their clients to stimulate costumer acquisition and –retention in addition. Obvious are also projects in communities, with public facilities and their own local currency - which can be easily used as a return to the crowd. So we support the creation of regional value and give ventures better opportunities to implement jointly financed renewable energy projects with their customers.
Scaling Trajectory: