Compuritas collects used hardware from large corporations, restores the computers, installs the latest software and re-sells it to low-income families and small NGOs.
Social Purpose: 
On average Austrian companies replace their IT equipment with new products every three years. The decommissioned hardware, though mostly still fully functional, is rarely put to further practical use. Many NGOs, schools and private households, on the other hand, cannot afford desperately needed hardware or must rely on donated equipment. Although basically a good thing, hardware donations are often hampered by technical barriers: Donators wipe computers’ hard disks to remove confidential data, and recipients often lack the software and know-how to return the received equipment into a usable state.
Social Impact: 
With the Compuritas hardware distribution programme our target groups receive the chance to bridge the digital gap by having affordable access modern technology. The social impact is measured in numbers of provided computers and service hours. There is a constant assessment process, documented on a monthly basis.
Innovative Character: 
Compuritas makes cooperations with companies to receive their IT hardware and provides in exchange professional disposal service (e.g. data erasure). The hardware is professionally refurbished and is actively provided to selected entities and households with special need for affordable computer hardware and service. Compuritas does not pay for the received hardware and therefore is able to keep the hardware price low for its customers.
Scaling Trajectory: