consorzio di cooeprative sociali la citta' essenziale

consorzio di cooeprative sociali la citta' essenziale
The project Panecotto is a trademark to commercialise local food delicacies, wine, craft and tourist routes.
Social Purpose: 
Panecotto aims at promoting the territory and local resources, including in the job market people at risk of sociale xclusion and provide addituional resources for welfare activities. Through the creation of a national trademark, the organisation wants to structure a microcredit system to finance care, social and educational actions and, in hte meantime, stimulate social entrepreneurship and work integration.
Social Impact: 
The social impact of Panecotto is measurable from a point of view of Knowledge of the territory of Basilicata from food, culture and touristic points of view
Innovative Character: 
The project is unique because it conbines genuine products and territorial specificities, taste and experience are the key elements to promote, together with a positive behaviour for the ethical-social nature of the initiative.‚Äč
Scaling Trajectory: