Cooperativa Melarancia – Un posto per giocare

Cooperativa Melarancia – Un posto per giocare
Melarancia aims to encourage qualified women entrepreneurs and create intercultural work environment starting from new employment, organising and managing the work activities with new policies.
Social Purpose: 
1. To support women to pass over the difficulties linked with the setting up of new enterprises. Recognition and valorisation of human resources and their professionalism. To create a social network in order to strengthen women’s work role. This might be possible listening women workers needs and offering them a flexible, specific and balanced answer. 2. The project supports also the analysis and the observation of their needs change as well that one of their families, especially through an attentive children’s listening. The project aims to training their employees in order to guarantee a highly qualified staff to their costumers (children and families). Training pushes workers to analyse their daily actions reflecting on their costumers needs (children and families). 3. To support foreign women’s work, aware that a culture opened to differences (personal and cultural) guarantees a new prospective for novel innovations and create a more interesting and stimulating work environment.
Social Impact: 
The project gives new knowledge developping the capacity to set up a new enterprise, supporting and valorising all the target potentialities. The main objectives, that the project aims, are finalized to give professional and business knowledge to the women (also foreign) to achieve a cultural and structural change in the labour market.
Innovative Character: 
The important question of the time management between working time and family care is always in the middle of the political discussion, especially during crisis period based on big social changes. The economic stress and the increased request of flexibility from the labour market join the reduction of resources addressed to families’ needs. The innovative points of this project are: - The purpose of valorisation and promotion of wellness of each worker through a good balance between both private and professional life, thinking to women as workers but also member of family; - Childhood service as instrument to facilitate the wellness of children, women workers and their families. - The promotion of a dynamic approach in order to involve the workers through responsibilities, a horizontal organisation and an emotional engagement; the opportunity to express their own personality opening new job opportunities and overtaking the historical limits. With this logic, better called “empowerment logic”, the project supports the personal expression of workers in order to be more involved and effective at work. The aim of the project is to participate to the “scaling up” process following these roles: o Transfer of knowledge from one enterprise to another in order to replicate the experience; o To extend the project at national level; o To create of joint ventures or financial agreement with foreign enterprises; o To extend the project at international level.