Crowdskills aims to tackle youth unemployment connecting jobseekers to paid freelance projects.
Social Purpose: 
Youth unemployment is a major issue. There are 750,000 unemployed youth in the UK, 5 million in the European Union and 74.5 million globally. (18/09/14 UK Parliament Statistics, 30/09/14 EuroStat, 13/01/14 ILO). Youth unemployment has serious social effects including increase state dependency, added family pressure and psychological impacts. Meanwhile, as the economy grows, business are looking for more affordable and reliable employees. We are in the business of solving both these issues.
Social Impact: 
Our impact is measured in terms of A) the number of jobseekers we provide paid work to, B) the amount of money that is paid to them, C) the skills training we provide to jobseekers in partnership with local charities and D) the long term opportunities that arise for our freelancers. Since January 2014, we have partnered with several universities and charities to secure 50 freelancers, training 30 of them in web skills and paying 10 directly to complete projects for a range of clients including the United Nations, British Cabinet Office and Social Enterprise UK. In additional to the ad hoc freelance projects we put to our freelancers, we also have contracts providing the equivalent of 2 full time positions to four freelancers.
Innovative Character: 
Existing social programmes offer skills training or access to job opportunities. That is excellent, but not enough. Youth can create value for themselves and for businesses outside of the traditional employment paradigm. We help unemployed youth earn money, develop real experience, build confidence and increase their employability. They can continue working with us, explore further training opportunities or secure employment through our connections. We compete on cost with other digital agencies and compete on quality with other freelancer websites. Those platforms don’t work for youth, who cannot promote their skills effectively to clients who can’t risk working with them. Uniquely, we work with clients as a regular digital agency, but manage the projects internally through our freelancer platform.
Scaling Trajectory: