Search engine for cultural actualities and reference about add services, communication and online sale in the cultural field.
Social Purpose: 
 The gap between digital communication and actual methods of communication in the cultural sector,  The trend that local artists and artistic productions misuse new social networks,  The nonexistence of digital advertising answers for cultural structures (places of cultural promotion, artistic teams, etc.),  The crushing of local artistic productions by cultural industries,  A single reference of the whole cultural information in Languedoc-Roussillon. There is actually a need in this field and CultiZer is an answer to maintain local artistic activities. CultiZer struggle against cultural standardization by providing important means of communication for cultural organizations. This helps maintain and create cultural employment, that can not be relocated.
Social Impact: 
- What is the social impact that the initiative produces: CultiZer create social value by allowing access to culture to everybody. It enables the development of short-circuits of cultural consumption. • Governance participative CultiZer is carried by a network of well known organizations in the cultural field. This is a project that combines several stakeholders: employees, local communities, customers, partners, volunteers. • Local development :  Allow local cultural businesses development by implementing online ticket sales, services, communication tips.  Fight against exclusion and social inequality in access to culture. CultiZer aims to contribute to strengthening social cohesion and participatory democracy. • An economic development company: CultiZer takes part in economic development, it provides to create 4 jobs before 2017. • A future expansion: CultiZer intends to expand his project to other regions in France in the medium term and internationally in long term through local partners in other countries. - How are these impacts assessed and with what frequency: These impacts will be evaluated with tools and to “promoting change” indicators. A methodology will be used to measure and value the social impact annually in addition to financial results: The Social Return On Investment (SROI) by ESSEC IIES. A few indicators will use: stakeholders development, job creation, the development of attendance for cultural venues, local economic impact…
Innovative Character: 
CultiZer is the new information digital tool and a cultural gathering. The goal is to improve the access to culture in Languedoc-Roussillon.  Reduce inequalities in the access to culture;  Develop people interests about others cultural fields;  Implement a sustainable digital tool in a logic of development and cultural enhancement for the Languedoc-Roussillon region. That is why CultiZer has developed 4 tools:  CultiZone: A search engine for cultural events  CultiVore: A digital mediateque  CultiZ’Me: A cultural social Network  CultiQuizz: An online serious game to discover the cultural wealth of Languedoc-Roussillon A social innovation : • Pricing solidarity to make our offer available to cultural companies through adaptated fees, • A new governance for the cultural sector including both users, cultural companies and public organizations, • A solution encouraging local cultural consumption and thereby maintain the territorial attractiveness, contributing to a pleasant living environment, offering an alternative to the processes of globalization and cultural homogeneity. A marketing innovation • An innovation in the promotion method for the cultural sector, by adopting viral marketing methods and recommendation marketing, • A marketing innovation, by declining the development of packaged solutions (an “all in one service” to users from information research to print ticket). What sets it apart from existing initiatives? CultiZer assembles several elements and includes several networks and partners, making the project largest.