Culture Link

Culture Link
Culture Link, is a monthly digital magazine created in the name of innovation, creativity and attention to culture, promoted by a social cooperative.
Social Purpose: 
The social purpose of the project is to promote culture, and in particular Italian Culture abroad through digital connections. The idea was to create a space where different contribution could be gathered on different themes. Culturelink responds to the mission of the cooperative network that generated it in terms of education and cultural improvement.
Social Impact: 
The social impact of the project will be calculated in a few years since its launch as the real measurement can be done by the number of people who decide to downloade and use the app. The reader becomes here the new editor. It is interesting to underline that the project has brought to the creation of a network of people and organization that work on the project.
Innovative Character: 
The innovative character of the project lies in the capacity to carry out educational and communicative issues through a very modern ICT tool that is the Culture Link App. The idea is that people can consult an online magazine that deals with culture through articles, videos, audio and can follow, link by link different areas of interest
Scaling Trajectory: