Day Cape

Day Cape
I'm creating a mobile app to support people with autism to manage daily structure.
Social Purpose: 
Make people with autism more self sustainable and happy. Make it easier to self manage education and work life.
Social Impact: 
The support for autistic people is limited and will decrease soon in Sweden. People will have a harder living with less support from teachers, family and in some cases, special accommodations to take over. In those cases where people do not help them at risk of becoming dependent on lifelong support in the home and in the workplace. According to the Swedish Autism & Asperger Association, it is a great shortage of specialist carers in Sweden. By 2030, it could be a demand for 20,000 new special education teachers but only 10,000 will be trained. Parents of children with autism often say quit his job to help their children full time. According to Mats Jansson on Autism & Asperger Association, it is an average of one every other parent in the family who can work part time or not at all. These parents often need to take sick leave because of exhaustion, when their care for their children are often more than full time. Because Snailday helps Love learning to cope with their everyday lives on their own so reducing the need for support from family, teachers, and rehabilitation centers. More time can then be spent on helping children today are not getting enough support. The are 30 000 children in Sweden who have autism have a greater chance of passing out of school, to remain with his family and eventually become independent. For the Swedish society its estimated that support for costs 481.000SEK for each child and year. That’s a cost of six billion in swedish currency for all Swedish children with autism. We work directly with autistic children, their parents and institutions to develop snailday after them real needs that exist. This allows children with autism to learn what they want in Snailday. Right now we have a partnership with Swedish organizations such as Fryshusets-, Misa and Snitz special schools and their special educators and with stödroganisationer for children with autism. Psychology graduate Karl Lundin has helped us carry out studies, discussions and workshops with families and organizations together to improve the service. Because Snailday is a digital tool we will also be able to get statistics on what happens to the children who use the app. The statistics we can use to further improve the service but also give parents and teachers information when things go wrong during the day. We will do a psychological study with Karl Lundin who can help us to improve the service, and later develop a studio researcher Nils Haglund. Nils Haglund specialized researchers in autism habilitation where our research study would focus on how children with autism can become more independent with the help of Snailday. In order to reach as many families and children as possible so I will run a communication campaign in both digital media and social networks. The autistic community is very good at creating small communities for support parents both locally and international. A campaign targeting these communities could spread globally. Also we have help from Autism & Asperger Association and international organizations Wave in Canada.
Innovative Character: 
Currently there are other apps with images support for people with autism. But it lacks support to have a flow of reminders and timing. Also we have the unique feature of letting a parent or assistant remote managing the app.
Scaling Trajectory: