De Regelneefjes

De Regelneefjes
creating employment for young un- / under-employed freelancers in the events and creative sector, and integrating marginalised youth
Social Purpose: 
so many events mismanaged and costly, creating problems for local stakeholders - this initiative seeks to build a strong, value-based, community of event producers/workers with local rooting, creating opportunities for local youth to work in these events to overcome unemployment barriers and build entrepreneurial and social skills
Social Impact: 
further to creating employment for un-/under-employed young people in this sector, we match marginalised young people to the freelancers to learn basic social and participation skills in the workplace and become active society participants (rather than lean on society): creation of a longer term vision instead of short-term goals; context-specific considerations taken (i.e. local stakeholders as partners, the environment); contribute to local economy through better financial models on these events
Innovative Character: 
combines events and youth integration; eventland used to be run by corporate entities and this creates a network distribution of skilled workers that invite youth to grow into a function in an industry they care about - bring fresh innovative thoughts in terms of the local partners, environment and context; more events for young people actually run by young people