Dinst offers a platform with preselected and trustworthy home service providers in wellbeing such as hairdressers, chiropodists and handymen.
Social Purpose: 
Since January 2015 the Dutch government has cut expenditures in home care and as such its public health care providers are in search of new ways of offering a wide range of services. These public home care providers since then have focused mostly on core in-house urgent services such as nursing. Dinst has stepped in to provide these services, by selecting and offering trustworthy service providers, with the aim of helping people to stay at home longer and more independently. Dinst as such also prevents loneliness and generates a feeling of safety at home when service providers enter their homes. Moreover, Dinst enables independent home care providers to be found more easily through its platform.
Social Impact: 
More people can stay at home longer, happier and independently, instead of having to move to an elderly home.
Innovative Character: 
The platform enables to search trustworthy service providers in your own neighborhood. People have the possibility to choose their own specific care provider at home for each separate service. Every single service provider offers an online pitch, so their potential clients get to know them.
Scaling Trajectory: