Sprigioniamo sapori / DOLCI EVASIONI: Confectionery (marzipan and nougat) from organic farming and managing cooking and catering through the employment of prisoners
Social Purpose: 
- Communication activitiesfor a different perception of inmates - promote their reception in the community - rehabilitate them within the civil society.
Social Impact: 
- Improve the economy of the territories and increase the employment of the most disadvantaged people - Create jobs for those who have a professionalism and are looking for a job. - Produce savings for the public administration (management costs kitchens, security, equipment transferred to other parties who have in the management activities; creation of new taxes for the state)
Innovative Character: 
- management of the kitchen inmates and preparing meals for the inmates of the Prison. - preparation of catering services at private parties, events - All activities are born from training projects funded , within prisons with the involvement (professionalization) of detainees. Later they became entrepreneurial projects self managed